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Forbes Business and Community Highlights

Forbes is a gorgeous town that has seen tremendous growth in recent years, making it a fantastic place to do business and live. Here are some of the best things about Forbes' business and community.


1. Forbes is a hub for agricultural and farming businesses, with many farms in the surrounding area producing large amounts of wheat, cotton, and grapes.

2. The town has excellent infrastructure, including high-speed internet, making it easy for businesses to operate online.

3. Forbes has a strong economy with low unemployment, making it a great place to start or expand a business.

4. The local government is highly supportive of businesses and offers many resources, such as grants and training programs.

5. Forbes has an active chamber of commerce that holds regular events and networking opportunities for business owners.


1. Forbes has a tight-knit community with many friendly locals that are eager to welcome newcomers.

2. The town is surrounded by natural beauty, with the stunning Lake Forbes and countryside providing many opportunities for outdoor activities.

3. Forbes has excellent schools, hospitals, and community centers, making it an ideal place to raise a family.

4. The town has a rich history and culture, with many historic buildings and museums that show off Forbes' heritage.

5. Forbes has a vibrant arts scene, with many local artists and musicians showcasing their talents at events and festivals throughout the year.

Overall, Forbes is an incredible town with a thriving economy, supportive community, and rich heritage and culture. Whether you're looking to start or grow a business, or just want to enjoy a peaceful and welcoming community, Forbes is the perfect place.

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