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We have created this Data Deletion Policy and instructions in order to demonstrate our firm and continuing commitment to supporting your choice and your rights in the protection of your personal information provided by you when you interacting with this web site.

When we hold your personal information in custody we do that with the highest regard. We believe that your ability to request the removal of such data from our services and to be able to do that easily and in a self service or assisted way to be of utmost importance and is considered with our Terms of Use and Privacy policy in mind

Un-Exceptional Personal Data that you provided to us is stored in our associated Member Account and Content Databases within our Corporate Computer Servers and Exceptional data being irregular activities like did you contact us and we took an email etc or did you behave in an unlawful way we might take notes about that etc is stored with our various manual and electronic recording mechanisms predominantly under the control of our trusted company administrators and staff

We believe that your personal data is yours and when we custody your data and data content with your granted permission and we protect this data safety and integrity with our best efforts. Please understand that running a Public Data Service naturally subjects that service to a relentless barrage of crafty and automated attacks from potential hackers, spammers and general bad actors, it is not uncommon for the people trying to hack and destroy and break into your everyday web service to actually exceed wanted visitors and our service is no exception. we use a number of tools and webmaster security practices such as web application firewall, automated and manual log monitoring, honeypots, automated and manual blacklists. We do our best to weed out hackers and potential hackers via our own scanning and discovery and utilising well known protective, notification and blacklist services. I am sorry we cannot promise that we will or can protect the data that you supply though we do promise that we will do our absolute "Australian" best to do so with good will.


And how to remove your data

Self Service

When you Login to one of our websites your account is created and your personal data is linked with that account and in your control panel under the words like Welcome "Username" you will see your Account Settings Menu and notice the big red button "Delete My Account". Use this button and continue to click through the messages like " Warning! Your account will be deleted permanently" and "Are you sure you want to delete your account?"

When you select "Delete Now" this immediately flags your account and its data and associated child data for deletion. If your account email address is correctly configured you should receive Email in the forms of confirmation and warnings and information from us about that. The Account Cleanup Bots are primed to engage and the process generally completes at Midnight Australian CST where our Cleanup software bots automatically delete your data in an standard generally unrecoverable ever computer way

If you wish to delete your account more immediately than midnight Australia CST simply contact us (Below)

If you have flagged your account for deletion, and changed your mind, you have until Midnight CST in that same day to login again and you should notice your account asking if you want to stop the process, we hope you do, we don't like to see you go, it is our intent to provide you with a service of public and personal good.

With our Help

If you wish that we manually delete your account on your behalf simply contact us (Below) we like to talk to you and help you

Third Partys

Deleting your Personal Data that are held with Third Party Services as a result of interacting with our services such as Payment Services, e.g Paypal, is under your Payment Provider Terms and Policy, please contact them directly if you have issue with that we cannot do this on your behalf naturally and properly they will deny us access, we are not you and likewise please understand we are not the ultimate authority of the Public Internet it is the nature of the Internet and in your interest or your guardian's interest to understand what you are doing and how it might effect you

Policy Modifications
We may change this Data Deletion Statement from time to time. Generally in a manner that is consistent with the above

Any enquiry that we can assist you with will try our best to answer or resolve or help you as soon as we can. We are happy to help, please contact us

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